side grip elevators

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LM Side Grip Elevators and Lowerators are special handling systems used in bottling and packaging lines to change products transport elevation levels within a very small foot print and at high speed.

The main feature of this machine is that it is continuous system as opposed to many other types of elevators which have an alternating operation and relevant dead times. Special grippers which are linked to flexible chains take the products from the side and hold them until they are released at the discharge level, allowing for high product throughput using a simple means of operation.


Products typically conveyed:
- Cans
- Jars
- Glass and PET bottles
- Liquid containers and tanks
- Rigid packages (plastic crates and carton boxes)
Typical features:

- Maximum capacity* (p/min): 600
- Maximum speed (m/min): 60
- Minimum difference in level (mm):    1000   (39.37")
- Maximum difference in level (mm): 15000 (590.55")
- Small foot print
- 2 construction types: painted mild steel, stainless steel
- Easy maintenance
- Centralized product changeover
- Bidirectional operation
- 3 configurations:
  S shape (elevator)
  C shape (elevator and product twister),
  Ω shape (operator or forklift pass-trough)

* depending on product





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Case studies

side grip elevators

  • 30/03/05

    LM product: Elevator, Pallet

    Product: Pallets of cartons of bottled wine

    Customer: Important Italian winery

  • 30/03/05

    LM product: Pallet elevator

    Product: Cased palletized wine

    Customer: Scottish Spirits Producer

  • 12/04/06

    LM product: Spiral, decline, ecline, curve, divider

    Product: Shrink overwrapped PET bottles

    Customer: Important soft drinks bottler

  • 12/04/04

    LM product: Spiral elevator

    product: Bundles cans

    customer: Manufacturer palletisers

  • 25/02/07

    LM product: Transporter inclined basin

    product: Unprocessed Chocolate

    customer: Major manufacturer of process machinery