Plastic belt curves

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LM plastic belt curves are specially suitable for applications with heavy loads
and difficult operating conditions.
Products typically conveyed:
• wood and plastic cases
• cardboard boxes
• bags containing powder products
• shrink packs
• tiles and bricks
• wood panels
Main features:
• compact dimensions in relation with the width of the belt 
• High strength and resistance to heavy loads
• Very high resistance to wear and chemical agents
• Low and easy maintenance requirements
• Low noise
• High linear speed

Datasheet plastic belt curves

Case studies

Plastic belt curves

  • 30/10/06

    LM product: Belt curves

    Product: Conveying thermoshrinked 6-pak cans

    Customer: Leading Italian soft drinks bottler

  • 30/04/05

    LM product: Divider D12, belt curve, Conveyors

    Product: The boxes

    Customer: Italian of yogurt producer

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: C180°, D12 2 to 1, conveyors

    Product: Personel hygiene paper products

    Customer: Multinational paper

  • 12/04/06

    LM product: Spiral, decline, ecline, curve, divider

    Product: Shrink overwrapped PET bottles

    Customer: Important soft drinks bottler

  • 23.04.2008

    LM product: By-pass

    product: Shrink-wrapped packs of PET bottles

    customer: primary french Integrated

  • 30.10.07

    LM product: Rubber belt curves

    product: Shrink-wrapped packs of PET bottles

    customer: Multinational supplier of bottling lines

  • 30/09/06

    LM product: Curva a tappeto

    product: Shrink-wrapped packs of PET bottles

    customer: Primaria fonte Inglese

  • 30/05/05

    Prodotto LM: Curve a tappeto e By pass

    Prodotto: Lattine in cartoni wraparound

    Cliente: Importante produttore di birra Tedesco

  • 30/09/05

    LM product: Rubber belt curves

    product: Hi-cone's Cans

    customer: Spanish leading manufacturer of soft drinks

  • 30/07/06

    LM product: Rubber belt Curves

    product: cement Bags of various sizes

    customer: Primary manufacturer of equipment for cement