Introduction to dividers

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LM Slat Dividers and Combiners provide high speed, continuous motion, sort or merge of conveyed products.

Utilizing a modular design process of manufacture gives us the ability to quickly and reliably manufacture over 150 units per year, capable of meeting your specific need in terms of size, configuration, and speed.

Typical markets we have served include Food and Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, to Logistics. Application and use of LM Dividers and Combiners is unlimited.

Typical applications include:
• Sort or collate to different lanes based on signal from upstream device or devices such as Checkweighers, Metal detectors, Bar Code Readers, Vision Systems (multiple devices can be used to attain the needed sort or collate, subject to Divider configuration.)
• Balance of product flow to downstream machines
• Connection between a different number of upstream machines to downstream machines with different capacities
• Optimizing freezing, cooling, or cooking tunnel conveyors by side shifting product as needed to fill unused areas of the belting.
• Layer preparation for palletizing or secondary packaging (which may include an upstream case turner to rotate cases as needed to maintain layr patterns.).

Case studies

Introduction to dividers

  • 23.04.2008

    LM Product: Divider / Merger

    Product: Oversealed, Thermoformed trays (map)

    Customer: Belgian company

  • 17.10.2008

    LM product: Cantilivered frame divider

    Sector: Bakery, Confectionery

    Product: Confectionery

  • 30/05/04

    LM product: Divider D25 2 to 4 bundles

    product: Thermoshrinked bundles of PET bottles in different sizes

    customer: German multinational manufacturer of bottling lines

  • 30/03/06

    LM product: D8 Divider 1 to 2 lanes

    Product: Open cans containing pieces of fruit

    Customer: Italian producer of packaged fruit

  • 30/03/05

    LM product: D16 divider 1 to 3 lanes for water filled PET bottles

    Product: PET bottles 3L and 5L

    Customer: Multinational bottled water supplier

  • 30/09/05

    LM product: Divider D12 2 to 3 inox rows

    product: Brick 1 L

    customer : Dutch producer of fruit juices

  • 30/09/04

    LM product: Divider D25 1 to 4 rows

    product: Cans in cartons wraparound and clusters of various sizes

    customer: Important German brewer

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Divider D12 and rotator with 2 belts (2)

    product: Cans 2x2 cluster

    customer: Dutch beer producer

  • 30/09/05

    LM product: Dual Belt product turner and 1-3 lane divider.

    Product: Cans in 2x2 and 2x3 cluster

    Customer: Major German systems integrator

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Turner/divider

    Product: Cluster cans 2x3

    Customer: German beer producer

  • 30/09/04

    LM product: Divider, balancer D25 2 to 2 rows

    Product: Cans in cluster and tray

    Customer: Major German brewer

  • 30/10/03

    LM product: Divider D12 clusters of cans with rotatine pivot

    Product: cans cluster

    Customer: Major German brewer

  • 30/03/05

    LM product: Divider D12 1 to 5 file

    Product: Cans in 2x3 and 3x2 cluster

    Customer: Major German brewer

  • 30/09/04

    LM product: Divider D16 1 to 4 lanes

    Product: cans cluster

    Customer: Major Dutch brewer

  • 30/03/07

    LM product: Divider D12 1 to 4 lanes driven by cluster pack system

    Product: Cans cluster 1x3

    Customer: Italian brewer

  • 30/05/07

    LM product: Divider D25 2 to 2 lanes

    Product: Burdens in PET bottles of different sizes

    Customer: Primary bottler in Italy, and worldwide bottler of soft drinks

  • 30/05/06

    LM Product : Merge 3 to 1 lanes

    Product: Flowwrap chocolate bars (Kit-Kat)

    Customer: English plant of mutinational food corporation

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Divider D16 2 2 bundles Coca-Cola (cans)

    Product: PET bundles and can trays of different sizes (count)

    Customer: Primary Italian bottler of soft drinks

  • 30/09/05

    LM product: Divider D12 2 to 4 lanes

    Product: Packed trays of baby food jars

    Customer: Manufacturer of packaging machines

  • 30/11/06

    LM product: Divider D16 2 to 6 parcels 1x 2

    product: Bipack Tripack and PET bottles

    customer: Leading manufacturer Bottling lines

  • 30/05/06

    LM Product : D12 1 to 3 merge of pouches

    Product: Pouches (stand-up) of fruit juice

    Customer: U.S. Integrator

  • 30/04/07

    LM product: D12 1 to 3 lane divider

    Product: Panettoni e colombe in pirottino

    Customer: Major producer of bakery products

  • 30/03/06

    LM product: Divider D12 1 to 4 file

    product: Clustered 1x2 Yogurt cups

    Customer: Italian producer of yogurt

  • 30/05/06

    LM Product: D12 2 to 1 lane merge

    Product: Open boxes containing envelopes

    Customer: U.S. Integrator

  • 30/01/05

    LM product: divider D12 1 to 3

    product: Trays of cups of yogurt

    Customer: Main Norwegian dairy producer

  • 30/04/05

    LM product: Divider D12, belt curve, Conveyors

    Product: The boxes

    Customer: Italian of yogurt producer

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: C180°, D12 2 to 1, conveyors

    Product: Personel hygiene paper products

    Customer: Multinational paper

  • 30/06/07

    LM product: Turner/Divider

    Product: Tunny fish boxes in 1x3 cluster

    Customer: Major producer of tunny fish

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: Distribution line chocolates

    product: Yogurt to double room

    customer: Packaging Machinery Manufacturers

  • 30/05/06

    LM Product: Strip aligner with different speed

    Product: Yogurt a double room

    Customer: Main Norwegian dairy

  • 30/03/02

    LM product: D12 merge 2 to 1 lane

    Product: Wipes in flowpack

    Customer: Producer of wet wipes

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: Tape pull-nose for scrap

    product: Filled chocolates

    Customer: Packaging Machinery Manufacturers

  • 12/04/06

    LM product: Spiral, decline, ecline, curve, divider

    Product: Shrink overwrapped PET bottles

    Customer: Important soft drinks bottler

  • 30/07/05

    LM product: Multilane divider

    Product: Overwrap packages of paper towels

    Customer: Multinational company paper

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Multilaner divider

    Product: Bulk overwrapped paper hand towels

    Customer: Multinational paper company

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: Turner/divider

    product: Cluster cans

    customer: Important english cannery

  • 30/05/05

    Prodotto LM: Curve a tappeto e By pass

    Prodotto: Lattine in cartoni wraparound

    Cliente: Importante produttore di birra Tedesco

  • 30/09/05

    LM product: Rubber belt curves

    product: Hi-cone's Cans

    customer: Spanish leading manufacturer of soft drinks