Knife edges belt curves

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Rubber belt bends with cylindrical end rollers are used to convey small to medium sized products, both packed and unpacked, on a curved path.
Our primary markets include Food Processing, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical.
The main advantages of this type of  curved conveyors are compact dimensions, high speed and small terminal edges, allowing for optimal transfer of small products.

Cylindrical End Roller turn conveyors have been used for:
- Unpacked products (snacks, bakery products, frozen products, chocolate pralines)
- Thermo-sealed trays
- Carton, plastic or polystyrene open trays
- Flexible packages from horizontal or vertical wrapping machines
- Shrink-packs
- Carton boxes


Typical features:
- Useful width from 200mm to 2000mm
- Inner radius from 200mm to 2000mm
- Incremental angles from 15°to 200°
- Terminal edges diameter (mm): 60, 16, 12,9
- 3 construction types: painted steel, stainless steel, staineless - wash-down
- Indirect drive with motor under the conveyor



Options and special features:
- Motor on the side of or over the conveyor
- Helix construction with difference in level between in-feed and out-feed
- Bi-directional operation
- Special construction for high temperature products or environments
- Overhead support brackets

Datasheet cylindrical end rollers curves

Case studies

Knife edges belt curves

  • 30/10/06

    LM product: Belt curves

    Product: Conveying thermoshrinked 6-pak cans

    Customer: Leading Italian soft drinks bottler

  • 30/04/05

    LM product: Divider D12, belt curve, Conveyors

    Product: The boxes

    Customer: Italian of yogurt producer

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: C180°, D12 2 to 1, conveyors

    Product: Personel hygiene paper products

    Customer: Multinational paper

  • 12/04/06

    LM product: Spiral, decline, ecline, curve, divider

    Product: Shrink overwrapped PET bottles

    Customer: Important soft drinks bottler

  • 23.04.2008

    LM product: By-pass

    product: Shrink-wrapped packs of PET bottles

    customer: primary french Integrated

  • 30.10.07

    LM product: Rubber belt curves

    product: Shrink-wrapped packs of PET bottles

    customer: Multinational supplier of bottling lines

  • 30/09/06

    LM product: Curva a tappeto

    product: Shrink-wrapped packs of PET bottles

    customer: Primaria fonte Inglese

  • 30/05/05

    Prodotto LM: Curve a tappeto e By pass

    Prodotto: Lattine in cartoni wraparound

    Cliente: Importante produttore di birra Tedesco

  • 30/09/05

    LM product: Rubber belt curves

    product: Hi-cone's Cans

    customer: Spanish leading manufacturer of soft drinks

  • 30/07/06

    LM product: Rubber belt Curves

    product: cement Bags of various sizes

    customer: Primary manufacturer of equipment for cement