vertical buffer units

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LM vertical buffers are special storage systems to be located along packaging lines to compensate for micro-stoppages of downstream machines so to avoid disruptions in the operation of upstream machines.

General features:
In a very limited space and “in line” with process and packaging machines it is possible to store products for some minutes (the actual storage capability depends on height available in the plant, on product dimensions, and on line speed)
When downstream machines are back in operation, stored products are gradually reinserted along the line in parallel with normal production. Products can be reinserted in batches as they were previously stored, by stopping for a moment, with pneumatic gates, incoming products from upstream machines, or they can be reinserted one by one in between incoming products, which have been previously spaced.

Products typically handled:
• open or sealed containers
• cardboard, plastic or polystyrene trays
• crates
• boxes
• vacuum flexible packages
• briks
• canned products

Max weight on single platform (kg) 20
Max production capacity* (p/min): 400
Max storage time (min) from 1 to 10*
Max height (mm): 8000
Standard platform length (mm): 1200,1600, 2000
Machine overall length (mm): 1800, 2200, 2600
Machine overall width* (mm): 1200, 1500
Minimum conveyor elevation (mm): 850

* it depends on product dimensions

• Standard: Painted steel frame
   Aluminium platforms
   Lexan safety panels

• Inox:  Stainless steel frame
Aluminium platform Niploy coated
   Stainless steel grid safety panels

Typical features:
• LIFO operation
• Easy maintenance and long maintenance periods
• Easy installation and electronic  control
• Automatic format change, PLC controlled