Dual belts turning system

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LM Turning systems with differential speed are special handling systems used in the packaging lines to change at high speed the orientation of the products transported.
The main areas of utilisation are food packaging, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Products are rotated due to the different friction made from 2 parallel belts having different  speed and grip. Products can be rotated from short side leading to long side and from long side to short side.
The main advantages of the system are small foot print,  ease of use and low maintenance requirements.



Suitable for:

- Unpacked products
- Cardboard, plastic, polystyrene trays
- Shrink packs
- Cartons and creates

Main features:

- Max. capacity* (p/min): 120
- Max. speed (m/min): 70
- Length (mm): 1200/1500
- 2 or 3 parallel lane executions
- edge rollers 30mm
- 2 executions: painted steel and stainless steel

* depending on product dimensions

Case studies

Dual belts turning system

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Divider D12 and rotator with 2 belts (2)

    product: Cans 2x2 cluster

    customer: Dutch beer producer

  • 30/09/05

    LM product: Dual Belt product turner and 1-3 lane divider.

    Product: Cans in 2x2 and 2x3 cluster

    Customer: Major German systems integrator

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Turner/divider

    Product: Cluster cans 2x3

    Customer: German beer producer

  • 30/10/03

    LM product: Divider D12 clusters of cans with rotatine pivot

    Product: cans cluster

    Customer: Major German brewer

  • 30/06/07

    LM product: Turner/Divider

    Product: Tunny fish boxes in 1x3 cluster

    Customer: Major producer of tunny fish

  • 30/05/06

    Prodotto LM: star rotator

    product: Yogurt to double room

    customer: Main Norwegian dairy

  • 30/04/05

    LM product: Tilters belt

    product: Boxes of wipes

    customer: Multinational paper

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: Turner/divider

    product: Cluster cans

    customer: Important english cannery

  • 30/04/05

    LM product: Rotator with differential speed

    product: Boxes of wipes

    customer: paper's multinational

  • 30/04/03

    LM product: rotator with differential speed (2)

    product: Pack of cans

    customer: German beer producer

  • 30/09/04

    LM product: Multilane dividers

    product: Jerricans triangular plastic-based

    Customer: Major Italian oil manufacturer