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Case studies

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  • 17.10.2008

    Prodotto LM: Twister 180°

    Settore: lattiero-caseario

    Prodotto: formaggio in flow-pack

  • 23.04.2008

    LM Product: Divider / Merger

    Product: Oversealed, Thermoformed trays (map)

    Customer: Belgian company

  • 17.10.2008

    LM product: Cantilivered frame divider

    Sector: Bakery, Confectionery

    Product: Confectionery

  • 30/05/04

    LM product: transfer Interface e retarder tape

    product: Thermoshrinked bundles of PET bottles of different sizes

    customer: German multinational manufacturer of bottling lines

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Divider D12 and rotator with 2 belts (2)

    product: Cans 2x2 cluster

    customer: Dutch beer producer

  • 30/09/05

    LM product: Dual Belt product turner and 1-3 lane divider.

    Product: Cans in 2x2 and 2x3 cluster

    Customer: Major German systems integrator

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Turner/divider

    Product: Cluster cans 2x3

    Customer: German beer producer

  • 30/10/03

    LM product: Divider D12 clusters of cans with rotatine pivot

    Product: cans cluster

    Customer: Major German brewer

  • 30/03/05

    LM product: Divider D12 1 to 5 file

    Product: Cans in 2x3 and 3x2 cluster

    Customer: Major German brewer

  • 30/09/04

    LM product: Divider D16 1 to 4 lanes

    Product: cans cluster

    Customer: Major Dutch brewer

  • 30/03/07

    LM product: Divider D12 1 to 4 lanes driven by cluster pack system

    Product: Cans cluster 1x3

    Customer: Italian brewer

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Divider D16 2 2 bundles Coca-Cola (cans)

    Product: PET bundles and can trays of different sizes (count)

    Customer: Primary Italian bottler of soft drinks

  • 30/11/06

    LM product: Divider D16 2 to 6 parcels 1x 2

    product: Bipack Tripack and PET bottles

    customer: Leading manufacturer Bottling lines

  • 30/03/06

    LM product: Divider D12 1 to 4 file

    product: Clustered 1x2 Yogurt cups

    Customer: Italian producer of yogurt

  • 30/01/05

    LM product: divider D12 1 to 3

    product: Trays of cups of yogurt

    Customer: Main Norwegian dairy producer

  • 30/04/05

    LM product: Divider D12, belt curve, Conveyors

    Product: The boxes

    Customer: Italian of yogurt producer

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: C180°, D12 2 to 1, conveyors

    Product: Personel hygiene paper products

    Customer: Multinational paper

  • 30/06/07

    LM product: Turner/Divider

    Product: Tunny fish boxes in 1x3 cluster

    Customer: Major producer of tunny fish

  • 30/05/06

    LM product: Top Loader

    product: Yogurt a double room

    customer: Main Norwegian dairy

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: Distribution line chocolates

    product: Yogurt to double room

    customer: Packaging Machinery Manufacturers

  • 30/05/06

    LM Product: Strip aligner with different speed

    Product: Yogurt a double room

    Customer: Main Norwegian dairy

  • 30/03/05

    LM product: Elevator, Pallet

    Product: Pallets of cartons of bottled wine

    Customer: Important Italian winery

  • 30/03/05

    LM product: Pallet elevator

    Product: Cased palletized wine

    Customer: Scottish Spirits Producer

  • 30/03/02

    LM product: D12 merge 2 to 1 lane

    Product: Wipes in flowpack

    Customer: Producer of wet wipes

  • 30/05/02

    LM product: vertical Accumulator on line

    product: Trays containing snacks

    customer: Important confectionery industry

  • 30/05/05

    LM product: Tape pull-nose for scrap

    product: Filled chocolates

    Customer: Packaging Machinery Manufacturers

  • 30/05/06

    Prodotto LM: star rotator

    product: Yogurt to double room

    customer: Main Norwegian dairy

  • 12/04/06

    LM product: Spiral, decline, ecline, curve, divider

    Product: Shrink overwrapped PET bottles

    Customer: Important soft drinks bottler

  • 25/02/07

    LM product: Transporter inclined basin

    product: Unprocessed Chocolate

    customer: Major manufacturer of process machinery

  • 25/02/08

    LM product: Transporter with waste products fell

    product: Empty plastic containers

    customer: Major candy manufacturer

  • 30/07/05

    LM product: Multilane divider

    Product: Overwrap packages of paper towels

    Customer: Multinational company paper

  • 30/04/05

    LM product: Tilters belt

    product: Boxes of wipes

    customer: Multinational paper

  • 30/04/05

    LM product: Rotator with differential speed

    product: Boxes of wipes

    customer: paper's multinational

  • 30/04/03

    LM product: rotator with differential speed (2)

    product: Pack of cans

    customer: German beer producer

  • 30/09/04

    LM product: Multilane dividers

    product: Jerricans triangular plastic-based

    Customer: Major Italian oil manufacturer

  • 20/11/09

    LM machine: Multilaner

    Product: PET bottles (irregular shape)

    Customer: Important fruit juice producer in Mexico

  • 23.04.2008

    LM product: By-pass

    product: Shrink-wrapped packs of PET bottles

    customer: primary french Integrated